Algae Collection

The Algae Collection of 33,000 items contains specimens of marine, freshwater and terrestrial algae and cyanobacteria from all over the Earth.  The Herbarium Algarum, a section of the collection where large seaweed species are preserved primarily, is a classical plant collection with dried and pressed plants. It comprises 8,200 specimens including some 200 types. Although the collection of freshwater algae contains less species, the order Charales is well represented. Collections of microphotographs and drawings are also included in the collection. 
The Algae Collection's history

Curator: Krisztina Buczkó
Number of specimens and type material
Total number of specimens: 33,000
Number of type specimens: ca 400
Number of specimens in the Herbarium Algarum: 8,200
Raw samples in vials: ca 9,000
Diatom collection (permanent slides): 14,000
Cleaned diatom samples in vials: 1,000
Preparations for SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy) study: 800

Remarkable collections

Pantocsek’s diatom collection
József Pantocsek (1846–1916), an amateur algologist made a valuable set of 1,016 permanent slides for diatoms collected by himself in the 19th century. Largely as a result of the 120 type specimen included, the collection has still an immense popularity among algae researchers.
Unfortunately, an estimated number of 500 type specimens, four-fifths of the original material perished in World War II. The collection material is available for revision and typification.

Snow algae collection
The collection of algae growing in semi-permanent to permanent snow or ice was established by HNHM botanist Erzsébet Kol (1897–1980), the founder of cryobiology in Hungary. It consists of 6800 vials including 200 tubes with algae from all around the planet.

Collection specimens are filed in systematic order. The species are arranged in alphabetical order under each genus.
Our collection is open for visitors by appointment only.
Collection materials are available for loan and scientific examination by external researchers.
To discuss any of your requests please contact the curator

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On-site examination
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