Herbarium Carpato-Pannonicum

The Herbarium Carpato-Pannonicum includes material from present-day Hungary and from the areas of the Kingdom of Hungary that were allocated to the neighbouring countries in 1920, i.e. Slovakia, Transcarpathia (Ukraine), Transylvania (Romania), Vojvodina (Serbia) and the northern part of Croatia. Currently we have more than 600,000 specimens constantly increased by collecting activities and donations of complete herbaria each year.
The collection represents the whole territory of Hungary and also other parts of the Carpathian Basin until 1940. In addition to his field-works, Sándor Jávorka relied on this collection when he was writing the first synthesis of the vascular flora of Hungary and the surrounding areas, Flora Hungarica (1925–26). The order of genera in the collection follows the system of Dalla Torre & Harms. Within genera the species are arranged alphabetically. As we have hundreds of specimens of some species collected in different years but from the same area, the herbarium sheets are arrayed according to date and place of the collection work.

Senior Curator: Lajos Somlyay 
Curators:  Júlia Tamás
Preparators: Erzsébet György, Ildikó Kissné Török

Collection size
Total number of specimens: ca 600,000
Number of species: ca 4,500
Number of types: ca 10,000

Remarkable Collections

Approximately 10% of our specimens are databased. Local use is available via permission of our curator only.

The complete herbarium of Pál Kitaibel, including high- resolution images and data of the specimens, is available at http://muzeum.arcanum.hu/kitaibel.

The collection is open for visitors by appointment only.
Our materials are available for loan and scientific examinations for external researchers.
To discuss any of your requests, please contact our curator somlyay.lajos@nhmus.hu.

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