Remarkable Collections

Collectio Historica
The Historical Collection contains our oldest material of the Carpathian Basin and its surrounding area gathered before 1826 by famous collectors such as Albach, Hoppe, Kitaibel, Lumnitzer and Mygind.
The digital version of the herbarium of Pál Kitaibel is available online (

Lajos Kossuth’s Herbarium
Lajos Kossuth, the world-famous Regent –President of  the Kingdom of Hungary during the revolution of 1948-49 was interested in botanical activities. The specimens of his herbarium mostly originate from Italy but it includes materials from Hungary and North America as well. We preserve his collection in 16 drawers of their two original cabinets.
Kossuth’s botanical activity was reviewed by Gusztáv Moesz and Dezső Kováts.

Icones Pictae Plantarum
This collection includes Vera Csapody’s watercolours published in her work Iconographia Florae Hungarica, the first comprehensive volume of illustrations of all known plants in Hungary, 237 fruit paintings by Ernőné Koch and László Szemere’s 737 mushroom aquarelles.