Palaeontological Research Sample Collection

Apart from a few exceptions, there were no systematic paleontological collecting activities at newly discovered sites in Hungary in the past few decades. Therefore, the scientific value of already bed-by-bed collected materials has raised. These research samples are very different from other paleontological collections in terms of their material, storage, treatment and inventory. Their proper emplacement for further scientific investigation was the other reason to create the youngest, third paleontological collection a few years ago.
We preserve our materials in sample boxes and bags in storage cabinets. The pieces of the collection are not individually inventoried.
The Research Sample Collection comprises mostly of Hungarian materials from the Carpathian Basin, however, we have items from other countries of Europe and Asia. As a tradition in the palaeontology, the collection is divided into two parts: the invertebrates and the vertebrates.  The samples of the sub-collections are sorted by ages, localities, systematics and sometimes according to people who collected them.

Senior curator: Ottilia Szives
Preparator: Henriett Acsai

Collection size
Approximately 5000 huge bags and sample boxes
Types: none

Main bodies of the collection

Vertebrate materials
There are approximately 2000 samples of research material in boxes and small paper bags, all of which are labeled. Major part of this sub-collection was separated from bed-by-bed collection of Dénes Jánossy mostly from Upper Pliocene to Holocene. Some of his material was completely investigated, other samples contain microfossils which have not been described yet. Materials from Osztramos, Villány, Beremend, Somssich-hegy, Süttő, several caves of the Gerecse and Bükk Mts and from other localities, are available.

Another part of the vertebrate research sample collection is a „research sample” sensu stricto, collected by M. Gasparik. Their small size vertebrate remains have not been completely investigated or published yet. These samples are mostly from the Lower Pleistocene strata of Villány and Beremend, and Upper Pleistocene beds of Tokod and Feldebrő.

Invertebrate materials

Tamás Báldi’s Eocene-Oligocene research samples
Tibor Kecskeméti's Eocene research samples

These samples contain various microfossil groups apart from nummulites from localities investigated by T. Kecskeméti.

Electronic and printed registers are available at our location, only with assistance and help of the senior curator.
The collection is open for visitors by appointment only.
The collection material is available only for professional research, according to the museum policy. Loan is not possible.
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