Research work at the Department of Zoology

Faunistical studies are performed within the framework of the zoological surveys of Hungarian National Parks and numerous programs organized by provincial museums or other projects. By our own expeditions or determinations on requests of foreign museums, we are able to participate in research on faunas of other continents or countries (e.g. South America, Africa, Mongolia, Korea, Vietnam). 

Zoltán Kaszab on a collecting trip in Mongolia

Taxonomical studies are partly related to faunistic surveys. In addition to researching on a national level, our works often extend to larger zoogeographical units, primarily in connection with the group Arthropods. In Hungary, a major participation was notable in the series Fauna Hungariae that ran for 50 years. Our staff members authored many of  the more than 150 published volumes. As specialists of certain animal groups, they also contribute to various international book series. Since the establishment of our Molecular Taxonomy Laboratory, varied genetic researches have been accomplished both on vertebrates and invertebrates.

Ecological and conservation biological studies principally fulfill the needs of environmental and natural protection.  Our main tasks cover faunal surveys and subsequent monitoring in certain areas and the assessment of the populations of protected species. Our results are utilised in the nature conservation routine.