Smaller Insects Collection

Dermaptera collection (earwigs)

Our dermaptera collection is one of the most important earwig collections in the world, preserving identified specimens of 662 species, and including types of 182 species and subspecies. A large amount of type specimens stem from the Oriental, Afrotropical and Neotropical regions.

Orthoptera collection (grasshoppers, crickets and locusts)

The collection contains approximately 65,000 specimens, 60% of which are identified. Apart from the Carpathian Basin, our  largest collections originate from the Balkans, Mongolia and Korea. We also have significant materials from the Oriental and Afrotropical regions. The collection preserves type specimens of 130 taxa.

Coniopterygidae collection (dustywings)

 Concerning the order Neuroptera, our dustywing collection is the most remarkable. We possess 140 specimens of the 562 already known species of the world, while in Europe only we preserve species from all of the three existing subfamilies. The number of the species that are represented by type speciemens are 73, and two of them are also type-species of two different genera.