Tree trunk collection

Tree trunk collection

Collectio Dendrologica Truncorum

This specific collection was founded by Nándor Filarszky in 1902. Currently, this collection comprises 1190 inventorised pieces belonging to some 270 species. This collection is not developed recently due to its great demand of storage space. The scientific value of this spectacular collection is largely diminished by the great number of items of unknown provenance.

The most valuable part of the tree-trunk collection is the Nördlinger fond, comprising 600 tree sections (Holzquerschnitte von hundert Holzarten) and the Fiori collection of 127 Italian tree sections (Xylotomotheca Italica).

The most peculiar part of the collection consists of book-shaped boxes. This specific collection dates back to the end of the 18th, beginning of the 19th century. It contains 76 "volumes", made of 72 species. A book-shaped box is made of the wood of the tree and covered with its bark. Opening it we can find the most characteristic details of the species inside - fruit, leaves, flower. The cabinet of the boxes can be found in the right wing cross-corridor, next to the library.

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