Department of Anthropology

Our activities in brief

The Department is a main basis of the Hungarian anthropological research. Our materials consist of finds from the Neolithic to the modern Hungarian history. According to a survey in 1968, this was the sixth largest collection of the world and today it is still regarded to belong to the first ten greatest ones. The inventoried skeleton collection of Post-Pleistocene and Pleistocene populations exceeds 33.000, while the non-inventoried skeleton collection contains the bone material of more than 10.000 people. Our Mummy Collection preserves remains of 265 people and we also have a Face Reconstruction Collection, which accounts for more than 300 items. The number of our Duplication Collection is 31.
The Department retains fossils of human ancestors from Hungary and bone remains of historical populations from this area. Our primary task is to process this rich and representative material scientifically and to introduce our results in exhibitions.

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Facial reconstructions