Department of Mineralogy and Petrology

Research work at the Department of Mineralogy and Petrology

Our broad research area includes the study of the solid matter of the Earth, from the mantle through the crust up to the surface, and of similar materials arrived from space (meteorites), from mineralogical, petrographical and geochemical aspects. Current activities are focused on different topics within descriptive, topographic and environmental mineralogy, igneous petrology and geochemistry, mineral deposits and history of mineralogy sensu lato. Most of our research is carried out by teams of national and international co-operation due to the strong demand of research equipment for material analysis.

The financial background for research is almost exclusively provided by grants of scientific research funds, mostly the (former) Hungarian Scientific Research Fund. Science historical research and database development projects were also funded by grants from the National Cultural Fund (NKA) and the ministries responsible for the national museums.
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Brief history of the Department of Mineralogy and Petrology