Collecion details

The subject coverage of our collection consists of five endo and one ectoparasite goups:

Roundworms (Nematoda)

Ectoparasitic flatworms (Monogenea)

Fukes (Trematoda)

Tapeworms (Cestoda)

Thorny-headed worms (Acanthocephala)

Fleas (Siphonaptera)

At the Parasitology Collection, the following museologists have worked in chronological order:

István, Szabó (1963–1975)

Ferenc, Mészáros (1964–1987)

István, Matskási (1965–1974)

Éva, Kovácsné Murai (1966–1990)

András, Gubányi (1988–)

Our honorable preparator was Ernőné Vajda who has an imprescritible merit of acquisition and preservation.