MummyWorld Exhibition at the Hungarian Natural History Museum, in Budapest


1st October 2014 - 17th May 2015

Five continents.
Thousands of years or just the recent past.
Disappeared cultures or living traditions.
No matter where they come from, all mummies have their own stories. 
Personal lives, a lost world, a culture can be known as well.

The mystery of mummies raises questions. You may find the answers to the whys and hows with the aid of the science at the coming exhibition of the Hungarian Natural History Museum until 17th May. Anthropologists help to unravel the secrets.
28 human mummies. 10 animal mummies. Natural and artificial. The oldest and the youngest. From Africa, from  Asia, from America, from Oceania, from Europe. And  of course the famous Hungarian mummis from Vác. Six of them are on display. 



  • Unique mummy: the Buddha statue with a Buddhist monk inside.
  • Rare mummies: 2 bog bodies
  • The oldest mummy: a 7000 years old chinchorro baby
  • Heartbreaking story: mother and child, the post mortem Caesarean section case
  • Mummies with secrets: nun with missing heart and nun with cut-off fingers
  • Touching story: the Chanchay mother with two deciduous teeth in her hands.




8 March

Let see what you can find by us!

The Variety of Life - Exploring the natural world of Hungary

Permanent exhibition.

Dinosaur Garden

Sculptures of the artists Péter Csisztu and Zoltán Peredy.


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Treasures of the wildlife on the point of naturephotographer's eye.

5 March - 20 April
Museum in the building of Ludovika

The story of the 209 years old Hungarian Natural History Museum (in Hungarian).

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